Aurora Recording has been in the media business since 1989. We specialize in creating high quality audio and video recordings in a variety of formats, both online and on disc.

We record in-house corporate communications, seminars, conferences and conventions.

Audio recordings can be put online as MP3s, or made as audio CDs. Presentations can be put online as audio synched to powerpoint, including chapters for easy access to details within the presentations. Presentations can also be video recorded in High Definition, mixed with powerpoint, stored for online viewing, or produced as CD-ROM discs.

If your association issues CEUs (Continuing Education Units), you can add value to your conference by offering attendees the opportunity to get credit for all the sessions at your conference, once they have been viewed online and a questionnaire is completed.

For more information please use the 'request a quote' form above, call me on my cell at 828-361-4571, or email me at quality(at)

Best Regards,

Steve Dean


Some of our services include:
Live audio and video recording
Audio & VIDEO Live recording
Live recording at your location or conference
Audio and Video Editing
Editing to create the most effective media presentation.
Audio and video mastering services
AUDIO & VIDEO Mastering
Mastering the edited presentation to it's final format.
Audio and video media delivery
Which can be uploading your presentations to be downloaded or streamed, or discs can be produced for distribution or sale, with labeling and packaging to your specifications.
10th International Medical Conference 2017
10th International Medical Conference 2017
This is the tenth international medical conference supported by the foundation of Simon M. Yu, MD. The conference is a extended collaboration of medical professionals of the 2015 Conference: Curing the Incurables. Dr. Yu has organized the professionals from various medical modalities to address the parasite, fungal, dental conundrum. Review the presenter file on the Homepage of this website to see professionals with expertise in parasites, fungal aspects of disease and the tooth/body connection.
  Recorded on 2017 more details..
9th International Alternative Medical Conference
9th International Alternative Medical Conference
"Curing the Incurables" - Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Lyme Disease, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Cancer...
  Recorded on 2015 more details..
2014 Biodynamic Conference
2014 Biodynamic Conference
The 2014 Biodynamic Conference held in Louisville, KY
  Recorded on 2014 more details..
Healing Revolution Summit 2014
Healing Revolution Summit 2014
Alternative Medicine
  Recorded on 2014 more details..