Services & Rates

Aurora Recording is a professional digital audio and video production company. We can help you create your audio or video project in the format(s) that are right for you.
We offers a wide range of services in the Audio and Video Production, including live and studio recording. We can create media as Audio CDs, Video DVDs, Powerpoint with synchronized Audio on CD or DVD-ROMs, or we can create sound or video files for sharing or streaming on-line in a variety of formats. We are a service and quality driven company with affordable rates.
Conference Recording
Conference Recording
We will create an affordable proposal specifically crafted to your needs.
We offer a complete range of audio and video recording and delivery options for conferences. We just need to get some information about your conference to be able to give you a proposal for taking care of your recording and distribution needs.
Audio Recording
Audio Recording
Mono, lecture recording
We offer a complete range of audio and video recording and delivery options for audio.
Audio and Video Production
Audio and Video Production
Audio Mono, lecture recording & Video Standard Definition rates for standard DVD and internet.
We offer a complete range of audio and video recording and delivery options. Our goal is to always make the best live recordings possible.
Voice-Over Services
Voice-Over Services
Professional voice-overs for all Professional voice-overs for all kinds of projects: phone messages, websites, audiobooks, etc.
Professional introduction and ending messages (intros and outros) with music backgrounds can be produced, to give any message great sounding 'bookends'.
Video Production (recording)
Video Production (recording)
High Definition rates for standard DVD, Blu-Ray and internet. High Definition shoots
We use cameras that are very sharp and light-sensitive. This is very useful when you want to record a presentation that includes powerpoint that is displayed to a live audience.
Stage lighting is recommended, but is not a must. The quality of the picture is excellent.
Editing Services
Editing Services
Audio, Standard Editing, Fixing Problems, Video Editing
We have our editing services divided between Level 1 and Level 2. There is no difference in the hourly charge for these, but Level 2 editing is typically done for clients with recordings that they bring to us that have to be fixed in some way. Level 2 work is usually slower, and is therefore more expensive. You are always best off getting the best recording you can to begin with, so hire us to record and save money and time in the long run!
Audio Editing
For audio-only presentations (audio CDs or MP3s), digital technology can be used to make a presentation sound the best it possibly can!
Fixing Problems
(Level 2 Audio Editing) Sometimes there are problems with a recording due to the environment where it was recorded, or you have an irreplaceable talk that needs restoration. Most problems can be fixed!

Background Noises: The more consistent they are, the easier they are to eliminate or minimize. Hums, buzzes, air conditioning noise, can all be greatly diminished. Sounds that are intermittent or fluctuate can also be worked on, although it will take more time.

Foreground Noises: The same as the above, but they are as loud as, or louder than the speaker. These can usually be reduced so the speaker can be understood.

Pitch problems: The recording does not sound right, the speaker is talking too fast or too slow. This can usually be easily corrected. Tone problems: Typically the speaker sounds to bassy and boomy. Old tapes can sound this way. This can be fixed.

Distortion: If it is slight, it can usually be greatly corrected. If it is bad, your are best off re-recording. Distortion is one of the hardest things to fix. If it is not possible to fix an irreplaceable recording properly, get it preserved in a digital format!

Technology is improving all the time, and the time will come when nearly any audio or video problem can be corrected. Any tape recording that you want to keep should be professionally transferred to a digital format (WAV or CD quality MP3 for audio).
Standard Editing
(Level 1 Audio Editing) $35/hour Mastered to Audio CD, WAV, MP3, or other audio formats to disc or internet. Audio levels can be made consistant, so the listener will not have to adjust the volume when there are speaker changes, or when a speaker varies the volume of his or her voice when speaking.

Off-mic questions can sometimes be boosted if the speaker does not repeat the question.

Speaker Gaffes: Ums, ers, coughs, partial sentences can all be removed to create a message without distractions. Parts of various takes of a message can be spliced together to make the best possible finished product. If possible, it is best (and least expensive) to have the presentation delivered smoothly and consistently to begin with.
Video Editing L1
(Level 1 Video Editing) $75/hour Standard Definition DVD, CD or DVD-ROM, or various formats for Internet. High-Definition Video prices quoted by project.

Relatively complex shoots (2 cameras plus Powerpoint) can take about 10 hours of editing per finished hour. Audio: All audio can be edited with the same techniques as just pure audio. The only difference is that if you have a person talking on-camera, with parts to cut out or splice together, you need to have a powerpoint slide or some other visual to cut to, to cover the cut, or you can do a quick visual dissolve (this is done on TV a lot, so people are used to it).

Powerpoint or other slides can be edited in. If a DVD is being made, the powerpoint slides will probably have to be conformed to look right on a standard (not HD) TV screen. Slides that aren't formatted correctly can have type that runs off the edges of the screen, colors that bleed, or have type that is too small to read. If a CD-ROM is being made that will just be played on a computer, then there are fewer problems and your slides may be fine as-is. Film-Type editing such as cuts, dissolves, wipes and special effects can be done.
Video Editing L2
(Level 2 Video Editing) If you have video that needs to be visually fixed, there is a lot that can be done. Color matching between 2 or more cameras. Video needs to be straighted out (camera was not level). Parts of the picture need to be cropped or masked out: Do you have a video that looks great except for the person or object that you wish was not in the picture? Often this can be hidden or taken out.